What We Do?

B2brevolutions is a distributor for business solutions in various industries. We help organizations and business make clear, timely and inspirational choices that deliver growth, generate self-esteem, productivity and the confidence needed in a dynamic, disrupted  working environment.

Our Mission

Helping organizations innovate, transform, and lead

By looking more deeply into your business, B2brevolutions helps bring bold strategies to life in unexpected ways.
Through disruption and innovation, our clients are able to transform from market followers to market leaders.

Consulting Packages

Creative Insights, From Strategies Through Execution

By using our device you will be getting instant results that will help you succeed in our modern world.


Standard Consulting Package

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This package is designed for individuals and business owners that need more guidance and personal consultation when working to advance their own goals and to increase their business’s success.

The Standard package includes twice a month sixty to ninety-minute consultation meetings to discuss business and marketing strategies and to work together on projects. This time can include meetings with vendors, event development, team meetings, advising on technology, hands-on training and more.


Custom Consulting Package

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This package is designed for individuals and business owners who wish to establish solid ground work and see significant change within their business or their lives. This custom program is designed to meet the client’s needs and provides much more involved planning and consultation from Daniel M. The Custom Package is only for the committed individual or organization that is determined to see significant change and includes four sixty to ninety-minute consultations meetings a month and up to one managed event or team training workshop a quarter.


Maintenance Package

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This package is for only clients who have previously completed a comprehensive consulting program with us and includes ongoing strategic advisory, partnership development and support services. Typically includes once a month check-in meetings to review all aspects of the business and offer insights and feedback on current and long-term business operations, marketing, sales, business development, partnerships and more.


Although B2brevolutions is mainly involved with the medical field we investment & serve clients in a number of industries, including consumer products both for men and women incorporating the latest scientific advancements in medical technology like our non-surgical alternatives to surgery that offer a painless, effortless and convenient way to achieve the best results.

New Light Therapy


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